October 27, 2016
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Nov 29, 2015 0

Soul Connection

Is your life so busy that you literally can’t think straight? Janet Neal author of Soul Connection can share her insights on how to manage your life and be a superwoman.

Toni Williams invites Janet Neal to talk about heart and soul in the workplace along with panelists Phyllis White-Thorne, Nomiki Makrillos and Denise Arbesu. They delve into the often ignored parts of the job, where we lose our will to move forward because our hearts aren’t in it. The show focuses on when to make an effort, and when to find a new path life. How do we go about soul searching and finding the right career? How much should we sacrifice? Should we pack up and leave a good job if we feel emotionally hurt inside? Find out on this episode of Brooklyn Savvy!

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