Why it’s Important to Vaccinate

December 27, 2015

Getting vaccinated is not an option, it’s mandatory. Dr. Leslie Hayes, and Dr. Monica Sweeney talk about why it’s critical to have your child vaccinated.

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Soul Connection

November 29, 2015

Soul in Control with Janet Neal from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

Is your life so busy that you literally can’t think straight? Janet Neal author of Soul Connection can share her insights on how to manage your life and be a superwoman.

Toni Williams invites Janet Neal to talk about heart and soul in the workplace along with panelists Phyllis White-Thorne, Nomiki Makrillos and Denise Arbesu. They delve into the often ignored parts of the job, where we lose our will to move forward because our hearts aren’t in it. The show focuses on when to make an effort, and when to find a new path life. How do we go about soul searching and finding the right career? How much should we sacrifice? Should we pack up and leave a good job if we feel emotionally hurt inside? Find out on this episode of Brooklyn Savvy!

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Business Etiquette

November 22, 2015

Business Etiquette with Deborah Goldstein of Goldie's Table Matters from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

So who pays for lunch? Brooklyn Savvy meets with Deborah Goldstein of Goldie’s Table Matters for advice on manners that can seal the deal.

Today on Brooklyn Savvy, Toni Williams is joined by Deborah Goldstein of Goldie’s Table Matters to discuss proper business etiquette. Accompanying her are panelists Denise Arbesu, Phyllis White-Thorne, Nomiki Makrillos, and Colette Ellis. Deborah shares with us what to do, and what not to do when out on a business dinner. Topics such as who picks up the check, how to present yourself, and how much you should assert yourself are examined. A dinner with your boss, or a potential client, require specific tools and Deborah is sharing them all. To learn helpful tips view this episode of Brooklyn Savvy.

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Strategic Makeup

November 15, 2015

Strategic Makeup from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Savvy talks about strategic makeup that gives you the right look for what you want to get. Is it a house, a relationship, a job, a little grooming goes a long way.

Today on Brooklyn Savvy, Sarah Conley from Style It Online, and Keri Blair from MAC Cosmetics discuss how makeup and fashion can affect your experience in the workplace and beyond. They share makeup tips, key advice, and discuss what looking more fashionable, and stylish can do to your confidence and perception of yourself. How can you transform your look? How do you enhance your natural beauty? Keri and Sarah examine how color, and a combination of factors affect your overall appearance. Join Toni and the Brooklyn Savvy panel as they delve into the world of fashion and makeup, and its effects on women of all ages, at work, dinner or on a night out. Find answers to your questions and concerns on this episode of Brooklyn Savvy.

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Industry City

November 8, 2015

Industry City helping to redefine Sunset Park from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

Andrew Kimball of Industry City shares plans for growth in Sunset Park. Small, mid-size innovation technology businesses can find an accomodating space to grow their business, and benefit the community.

Industry City has been eyed as the new big economic opening for New York City. Much about the project however remains unclear to community members. Andrew Kimball, CEO of Industry City, takes the time to break down what goes into reviving the privately owned massive site located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. He explains how this modern manufacturing hub benefits the local community. Kimball looks beyond physical products, instead he focuses on the different areas of manufacturing that modern technologies can make possible. Find out more details, and how you can get involved in the full interview, including information on startup companies and available supports.

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Manufacturing Fashion with ManufactureNY

November 1, 2015

Manufacturing Fashion with ManufactureNY from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

Are you an inspiring, independent or emerging designer check out this ep of Brooklyn Savvy where we introduce Bob Bland of ManufactureNY to Princess Faraj to discuss how Manufacture NY is supporting designers.

Creativity is limitless and Manufacture NY is proof of that. The Brooklyn based vertically integrated production hub is doing much more than physically equipping the unknown and budding designer. Participants of the program, according to founder and CEO, Bob Bland, benefit from support in other areas critical to their overall success. Their products range from clothing to wearable technologies and more. So, what exactly makes this project different? What does it bring to the table? The Savvy panel digs into these questions and others. Accompanying Bland is Princess Faraj of Faraj Couture, who shares with us her personal experience as a fashion designer making a name for herself. Tune in to learn more about mentorship, shared resources, and business planning expertise.

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The Big Lie -Time is Not on Your Side

October 25, 2015

The Big Lie-Time is Not on your side from Toni Williams on Vimeo.

“Thinking you can have kids when you are ready is a flawed belief with devastating consequences,” says Tanya Selvaratnam on this episode of Brooklyn Savvy where we explore Advanced Reproductive Technologies.

The Big Lie author and advocate Tanya Selvaratnam examines the biological clock women face. Your chances of having children later in life are far less controllable than you are made to believe, Selvaratnam says. In a candid discussion with the Brooklyn Savvy women, age, fertility questions, and the modern day woman’s perception of childbearing are analyzed. Selvaratnam insists that the odds far outweigh the successes in medically facilitated pregnancies via IVF. So how reasonable is waiting till “sometime before 40”? How accurate are fertility company claims? Where is the place of government and insurance in all this? Find out more on this episode of Brooklyn Savvy.

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